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WCCF Animal Fund


The purpose of the Washington County Community Foundation's (WCCF) Animal Fund is to support programs that provide care and protection of animals in Washington County.

Programs and Services

  • As one of the Foundation’s newest pooled grant-making funds, the Animal Fund will serve as a funding resource to provide grants to animal-related charities in Washington County.
  • Whether you wake before dawn to milk the cows and feed the chickens, start your day with a visit to your horse stable, end your day with a caress of your family cat, spend your weekends walking abandoned dogs or tracking migratory birds, or simply want to ensure that all nature’s creatures are cared for and protected, the Animal Fund may be of interest to you.


Name:Betsie Trew
Title:President & CEO
Address:1253 Route 519, P.O. Box 308
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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