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WCCF Vision Fund


The purpose of the Washington County Community Foundation's (WCCF) Vision Fund is to provide grants to local charities in support of vision services in Washington County, with an emphasis on supporting visually-impaired youth from birth to age 18.

Programs and Services

  • The fund was initiated in 2018 with a $25,000 contribution from an anonymous donor.
  • The first grant of $1,000 will be issued later this year, and over the next few years we will be working to increase the value of the Vision Fund so that larger grants may be awarded.


Name:Betsie Trew
Title:President & CEO
Address:1253 Route 519, P.O. Box 308
Eighty Four, PA 15330

This website contains an organizational snapshot, as well as links and contact information, for each of our participating charities. We have also included the tax identification number for each charity so Donors wishing to review more detailed financial and governance information may access the Form 990 for that charity via