Washington Community Arts & Cultural Center Fund

Wash Arts

The Washington Community Arts & Cultural Center Fund was created by an anonymous $5,000 contribution. The fund will support the Washington County Arts & Cultural Center, also known as Wash Arts.

Wash Arts is a charitable organization located in the historic Smith Iron Building in Washington, that prides itself in working with children and adults who are unable to afford an education in the arts. Wash Arts founder, Sandee Umbach wanted to show children and adults that through the arts, their quality of life can be enhanced and a new lifestyle can grow out of it. She said, “All children should have the opportunity to explore the arts and to grow in ways that might never have been imagined.”

The Center is proud of its Art Outreach Program, where it has partnered with other non‐profit organizations such as the Washington and Greene County Blind Association, Vision Quest, Avis Arbor, and the Phase 4 Learning Center to enable needy children and adults of these programs to enroll in visual arts courses as well as participate in customized courses in pottery, poetry, and dance.

In the future, the Center hopes to start more projects for disadvantaged adults and children. The donor who created this fund hopes that others will contribute to it to support the important work at the Center.

Wash Arts is participates in many community events and is familiar to most Washingtonians. The organization is particularly known to the WCCF for its being selected for the 2010 Director’s Choice Award. To honor Wash Arts for its dedication and success, the WCCF presented it with a $10,000 grant.