Washington County 4-H Preservation Fund

Through the Washington County Cooperative Extension 4‐H program young people gain skills that serve them throughout their lives—skills like how to make good decisions, how to help others, how to meet challenges, and how to take responsibility. The 4‐H program builds leadership and commitment in youth and in adults, benefiting our communities and businesses. 

The Washington County 4‐H Preservation Fund was initiated by the local Penn State Cooperative Extension Board to raise an endowment to benefit the 4‐H program in Washington County. Penn State is encouraging local boards to create such endowments, either at their local community foundation or at Penn State, to provide future funding for the existing 4‐H programs. The first gift into the new fund was from the Scott Ashmore Legacy Fund of the WCCF. In the first year, over $5,800 was contributed to the fund.