Washington Women’s Shelter Fund

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The Washington Women’s Shelter Fund by Margaret O. Johnson, former Y.W.C.A. board member, to provide support to the Washington Y.W.C.A., now known as the Family Y. With the closing of the Family Y, the fundʹs purpose was redirected to benefit the Washington Womenʹs Shelter, now known as Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA.

The mission of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA is “to increase awareness of domestic violence and its effect on the community, to empower those victimized by providing advocacy and safe and effective services, and to work for social change designed to eliminate domestic violence.” A women’s shelter, 24‐hour hotline, counseling services, legal advocacy, support groups, childrenʹs programs, and education and training are among the services offered by Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA. All services of the organization are free and confidential and are available to individuals in Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties.