Giving Circle Member Profiles

Stout Lynne Trustee Profile

Lynne R. Stout

"There Is No Strength without Unity."

Committed, charismatic, and kind, Lynne Stout is everything one would want in a leader. And in many ways, it is though she has been preparing to be Chair of the Women of Philanthropy Giving Circle all her life - she just didn't know it until now.

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Gladden Rachel Wopgc Web

Rachel Gladden

"Helping Others is Who I Am"

McDonald native Rachel Gladden may have retired from her days of teaching kindergartners and first graders, but as a passionate volunteer, her schedule is as busy as ever!

“Helping is who I am.  I want to be a better person, and I believe the Women of Philanthropy Giving Circle is a new avenue that will help me in that respect.”

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Simmons Gwen Trustee Profile

Gwen Simmons

"When You Broaden the Base of Support, You Can Be Much More Effective"

It could be said that Gwendolyn Simmons carries yellow and green pom-poms wherever she goes. After a single conversation with this Giving Circle member it is easy to see that she is one of the Women of Philanthropy's greatest cheerleaders.

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Keller Carol Web

Carol Keller

"A Chance to Learn More"

Carol Keller is a remarkable woman for many reasons. She spent years working as a skilled surgical nurse. She has an incredible passion for community service. But most importantly, she has what it takes to do what few of us ever could - keep up with Charles Keller.

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Crooks 2016 Wopgc Web

Molly Crooks

"I Want to Help People, to Make Things Better for Them"

Molly Crooks always wears a bracelet with four large blue beads. It was a gift from her sister. Every morning, she starts her day by touching each of the beads and thinking about something for which she is grateful. The piece is called a “blessings bracelet.”

Even when facing adversity, Molly is someone who counts her blessings – and that says a lot about her character.

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Amy Brown

"Building Communities"

Amy Brown has spent a lifetime building communities.  A lifelong resident of the Mon Valley, Amy spent much of her 30 year career in the housing and construction industry.  

Today, she remains active and continues to build communities in a different way through her volunteer work in Monongahela and through her membership in the Women of Philanthropy Giving Circle.

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