Drach Cropped

“How can I ever thank you for putting the Literacy Council back on track? The capacity-building grant was a Godsend. We were able to advertise the position of executive director with a decent salary and attracted six very highly qualified candidates . . . The days ahead for the Literacy Council are exciting. It is time for us to get back to a professional management footing and to take it to the next level of operations. We won’t let you down!”

- Kris Drach, Board President, Literacy Council of Southwestern PA

Ross Cropped

“. . . our staff has been so appreciative of the new computers that we have been able to purchase from our capacity-building grant. It has truly made a HUGE difference on how quickly and efficiently they are able to do their jobs so they can focus more on the care and services that they are delivering for our consumer and not spending so much time bogged down in IT lag time.”

- Natalie Ross, Executive Director, Washington Communities Human Services

Day Cropped

“Our purpose . . . is to improve the internal operations of the National Duncan Glass Society to support our long-term vision of our museum in documenting the history of the glass industry in the Washington County area. We recognize the need to move beyond our limited ability to achieve that goal. This grant, and the audit it funds, is the first step in rebuilding the organization to accomplish the vision.”

- Jon W. Day, President, National Duncan Glass Society

Mounts Cropped

“The WCCF Day of Giving 2018 allowed City Mission to receive donations of $130,000, plus a portion of the bonus pool – an incredible boon for us. This could not have come at a better time . . . To have unrestricted dollars . . . means that we can serve the community in a much more comprehensive, effective way. It is so gratifying to know that our local philanthropic notables care about all of us in the non-profit community – and that the WCCF staff goes to such great lengths, year after year, to help us fund our missions.”

– Dr. Sally Mounts, Washington City Mission Chief Development Officer