Make a Gift from the Heart through WCCF Gives on September 13

September 06, 2016

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WCCF Gives, Washington County’s official community-wide day of giving, is set for Tuesday, September 13.  During this one-day event, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) will increase contributions made to the more than 100 participating charities, via or by check, by a percentage of a $100,000 bonus pool.

Donors are welcome to give as much as they would like during the event, but $10,000 per donor per charity is the maximum amount eligible for the bonus pool.  Donors choosing to contribute to a charity via multiple giving methods (any combination of credit card, check, or cash transactions) will only be counted once toward that charity’s donor total. 

Since its inception three years ago, WCCF Gives has raised more than $1.7 million in unrestricted grants to participating charities.  “We have been tremendously pleased with the response to our day of giving.  Charities love it because it enables them to participate in a high profile fundraising event at no cost to those charities.  Our donors love it too because it enables them to support all of their favorite charities with one contribution,” remarked Betsie Trew, WCCF President & CEO.

Kris Drach, Board President & Director of the Literacy Council of Southwestern PA, remarked, “Thank you so much for providing this amazing venue for us to raise our greatly needed funds. The WCCF Day of Giving was a great way for us to motivate and organize our Friends of Literacy. In a short few years, this has become our number one fundraiser…We are so grateful!” 

Chris O’Brien, a donor, commented, “WCCF Gives presents a unique opportunity to participate in charitable giving together as a family.  We review the list of charities and decide, as a family, which ones we would like to support.  We are so glad to know our contributions will be worth more because of the WCCF Gives bonus pool.  What makes WCCF Gives so convenient for us, is our ability to compile all of our charitable giving for Washington County, on one day, with one check.”

To help create a more level playing field for the participating charities, who vary greatly in size, the WCCF bonus pool will be distributed as follows: 50% of the bonus pool by the number of donors and 50% by the total dollar amount.  Jennifer Dann, Treasurer of the Washington County Watershed Alliance, commented, “We were thrilled with the change to the allocation of the matching funds. Our organization receives many donations, but most are small. The allocation based on the total number of donors allowed us recognition for the numerous donations we receive; even if they are not the large sums that some other groups are able to obtain. This helped our organization greatly and we reached our best ever total in 2015!”   

The online donation portal on will open at 8 a.m. on September 13. WCCF Gives contributions via check will be eligible for the bonus pool if they are received at the Foundation by 8 p.m. on day. Check-writing donors wishing to support multiple charities are encouraged to submit only one check for the total amount along with an official WCCF Gives Check Contribution Form, which is available on and at the Foundation’s office.

Sponsors of WCCF Gives 2016 include: Washington Financial Bank, Chapman Corporation, Alex Paris Contracting, ANSYS, Observer-Reporter, Washington Auto Mall, and the WCCF Acorn Fund.

WCCF Gives - In just one day, you can make a difference!