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Lives Lived Well

July 30, 2022 | By WCCF President & CEO Betsie Trew

Albert Einstein once proclaimed, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

By that measure, Robert Hillberry, Paul Songer, and Andrew Uram, all lived lives of significant worth. Sadly, we lost all three of these community servants in 2021, but the impact of their service continues through the many nonprofits to which they devoted significant time, energy, and financial resources.

Hillberry Robert A O R Obit Sept 2021e
Robert Hillberry

In addition to serving on the WCCF Board of Trustees, Bob was very active in Rotary, Washington Presbyterian, United Way of Washington County, Boy Scouts of America, Washington Cemetery Association, Vision Services of Washington-Greene, Meals on Wheels, and Washington City Mission. He also served in the Air National Guard.

Songer Paul Shelley 1e
Paul Songer

Paul too served on the WCCF Board of Trustees. He and his wife Shelley created the Catholic Endowment for Educational Development (CEED) at the WCCF, which annually provides a grant to benefit educational programs at John F. Kennedy Catholic School and Immaculate Conception Church (St. James Parish). Paul was also active with the United Way of Washington County, Washington Hospital, Washington City Mission, Pathways, and Catholic Charities.

Andy’s initial involvement with the Community Foundation was influenced by his wife Julie, who was a Founding Trustee. Over the years, Andy’s activity and interest only continued to increase, and in 2016, he was named the WCCF’s Philanthropist of the Year. In addition to his involvement with the Community Foundation, Andy was active in Rotary, United Way of Washington County, Washington Jaycees, Boy Scouts of America, Catholic Charities, Citizens Library, and Immaculate Conception Church (St. James Parish). Today, the Andrew and Juliana Uram Fund serves as part of his legacy. This discretionary grant-making fund enables the WCCF to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

Uram Andrew 2015e
Andrew Uram

I had the great pleasure of working closely with Bob, Paul, and Andy for over two decades and was always inspired by their willingness to help others, even those they didn’t know. In fact, Andy once said, “You don’t have to know the people as long as you know you are helping.”

Throughout their adult lives, these three community pillars helped countless people. Bob was especially passionate about helping nonprofits partner with other nonprofits to reduce expense and increase impact. Paul knew the importance of leading by example, particularly when seeking financial support. Their styles were slightly different, but they were united in their love of our community.

Rest in peace, Bob, Paul, and Andy, knowing that your lives were spent well in service.