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WCCF Impact

As a publicly-supported foundation, the Washington County Community Foundation strives to communicate openly, transparently, and regularly with its constituents and the community at large. In addition to the information on this website, the Foundation issues several publications throughout the year detailing the Foundation’s activities and opportunities. The Foundation also maintains active Facebook and LinkedIn pages. News releases are issued frequently.

Community Impact Grant Report

Community Impact, is a comprehensive listing of the many grants issued in the previous year. It is distributed annually in print and electronic forms and is typically published in the first quarter of each year.

Community Heirloom Annual Report

The WCCF’s annual report, the Community Heirloom, provides a high-level overview of the previous year’s activities. It is distributed in print and electronic forms and is normally published in the second quarter of each year.

Legacy Matters 

The bi-annual Legacy Matters newsletter provides an in-depth look at our major activities during specific time periods. It is distributed in both print and electronic forms.

Giving Matters

Giving Matters is a quarterly e-newsletter informing readers of the previous quarter's essential activities.

Charity Matters

Charity Matters is a quarterly e-newsletter that is distributed primarily to grant-seekers. It contains information about grant opportunities, workshops, etc., most relevant to area non-profits.

Planning Matters

Planning Matters is a quarterly e-newsletter that is distributed primarily to professional advisors (attorneys, bankers, accountants, etc.)