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Donor Testimonials

Porch tight cropped

Dr. Saundra & William Stout, 

Donors of the Samuel T. Brownlee House

"Having spent many years in this building, we know it well. The scrupulous attention to detail that has been given to the rehabilitation of the Brownlee House is astounding. Walking into the heritage rooms is like stepping back in time. It was a joy to see. When we donated the house to the Community Foundation, we knew this historic treasure would be in good hands; however, we could not have anticipated such a magnificent legacy.”

Andy Ralph cropped

Ralph Andy

“I remember when the Community Foundation was newly formed. Martha [Berman] supported it, and she wanted others to support it . . . She believed that it should become the cornerstone of charitable giving in our community, and it has.”

Jackie Campbell

Jackie Campbell

“What an outstanding group of individuals that will be receiving scholarships from the Chapman Fund! . . . We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with all the fine young individuals and their families who are receiving scholarships. We are VERY PLEASED to see the amount available for the local students to further their education, therefore their lives. You have done a wonderful job with the funds we have provided! Thank you!”

Griffin cropped

Robert C. Griffin

“The grant funding that you have so effectively managed and distributed for nearly 25 years has touched every area of need and opportunity in our local communities – from the arts and culture to health and human services, education, the environment, and our faith-based community. The work you do at the Foundation remains vitally important to our community.”

Gopal cropped

Dr. Ajei Gopal, President & CEO, ANSYS

“ANSYS is honored to be able to share our success with the local community and to support all of the charities that are providing valuable services, particularly to those in need . . . Our leadership team was attracted to WCCF Gives because our gift will help to leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars from others to support over 100 local charities. That is a tremendous impact!”

John and dorothy tecklenburg

Dorothy & John Tecklenburg

“The Foundation’s mission is a model for how people should live. You don’t just make your own money, you help others. The WCCF doesn’t just fundraise for themselves, they teach others how to fundraise, too. At the end of the day, WCCF is helping other charities succeed in their mission statements. A rising tide lifts all boats.”