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Featured Grants

Enhancing Educational Opportunities

Heritage Public Library Children at Computer

Heritage Public Library has experienced a technological transformation thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Community CARE Fund in 2021.

The Library’s new website takes center stage in the transformation. Not only is it a hub for distributing information about library services and events, but it also serves as a resource center catering to learners of all ages and plays a pivotal role in streamlining the donation process.

The grant also enabled the library to purchase computers and age-appropriate software programs, marking a significant step forward in making the library more accessible and efficient for its community.

These upgrades perfectly align with Heritage Public Library’s commitment to providing top-quality materials and services that address educational, informational, cultural, social, and recreational needs.

Making Our Communities A Little Safer

Local First Responders

Local first responders received a financial boost from the Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund to enable them to be better prepared to respond when the community needs them.

Grants of $159,500 were awarded earlier this year to 32 local first responder organizations. The grants will help purchase a variety of items including rescue tools, personal protective equipment, and communication devices as well as support critical facility upgrades.

Max Oravetz, field security coordinator for Range Resources, said he knows what first responders go through every day. “We appreciate the dedication and hard work of our first responders; they are always there for all of us when we need them the most. We hope the Good Neighbors Fund can help make their jobs a little easier, and our communities a little safer.”