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Why Partner With Us?

Decades of Experience

Our team has decades of experience helping donors to develop optimal giving strategies to meet their specific charitable objectives. We welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your specific charitable objectives, and to discuss gifting options to meet your objectives.

Knowledge of Community Needs

Our team is actively engaged in our local community and works closely with local charities and other nonprofits working to improve the quality of life in Washington County. We also maintain the Community Snapshot website that identifies broad community needs, as well as the specific needs of individual nonprofits.

Ability to Accept a Variety of Gifts

Our experience includes facilitating gifts of Appreciated Securities, Charitable IRA Distributions, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Real Estate, and Cash. Both lifetime gifts and bequests are accepted. We also facilitate an annual giving event, WCCF Gives, which has become a primary fundraising activity for many of our participating charities.

Efficient, Cost-Effective, & Tax-Wise

Creating a component fund at the Foundation can be more efficient and cost-effective than creating and maintaining a private foundation, and generally the tax advantages are far better. There is no fee to create a new fund and the Foundation handles all required governmental reporting.


Most of our component funds are permanently endowed; however, opportunities for temporary pass-through funds are also available for donors seeking to give strategically in the short-term.

Strategic Giving

The Foundation maintains eight strategic initiative funds that enable us to be more strategic, rather than reactionary, in our grantmaking and help address some of our community’s unmet needs. Donors are welcome to give to any of the strategic initiative funds at any time and in any amount.

Anonymous Giving

Would you prefer to support the community quietly? The Foundation is the perfect tool to maintain your anonymity when making gifts to support our community generally, or to support a specific charity or charitable cause.