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Explore Ways to Give

There are many ways for you to help ensure our community remains vibrant through a gift to the Washington County Community Foundation.

Gifts to Support the Foundation

An easily-attainable entry point for donors at all giving abilities is the GIVE 365 Fund, which helps the Foundation to provide many of its charitable services to the community. Gifts of $365 are encouraged, but the minimum gift is only $25.

For those with greater giving abilities the Golden Oak Guild is often the next progression to support the Foundation’s charitable work. Gifts of at least $2,500 are required for inclusion in the Guild.

Donors who believe in the importance of maintaining local historical landmarks may choose to make a gift to the Samuel T. Brownlee Society. Both gifts for current use, as well as endowed gifts from which earning are used, are accepted. All gifts help to ensure that this grand historical structure remains in premier condition.

Gifts to Increase Grantmaking

Donors who understand the value of proactive grantmaking, may wish to make a gift to one of our Strategic Initiative Funds. Such gifts will increase our capacity to address the community's current needs as well as to provide a source of support for future needs. Gifts of any amount are welcome.

Donors may also choose to make a gift to the approximate 200 Component Funds of the Foundation, which were created by donors to achieve specific charitable goals. Almost all component funds are open to contributions from others.

You may also wish to Establish Your Own Fund to achieve your individual charitable goals.

Giving Tools

The Foundation accepts a wide variety of assets, such as Securities, IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions, Life Insurance, Real Estate, etc. Gifts may be made during one’s lifetime or by Bequests or Other Planned Giving Options. To learn more about these giving tools or to discuss your specific charitable goals, please contact the Foundation at 724-222-6330.