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Samuel T. Brownlee Society

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The Samuel T. Brownlee Society was created by the Foundation to secure the necessary resources to rehabilitate and preserve the Samuel T. Brownlee House, which is included on the National Register of Historic Places, and which was the Foundation’s first gift of real estate. The House was generously donated to the Foundation by William and Saundra Stout in December 2013. It was built in 1848 by Samuel T. Brownlee, the son of a Scottish immigrant, as a wedding gift to his wife, Catherine Clark.

Samuel T. Brownlee Society Annual Membership

Steward (Minimum of $5,000 per year)

  • Allegheny Foundation
  • Coen Oil/BP
  • Dr. Thomas** & Myrna Hart
  • James H. & Rachel McCune
  • Steven & Lynne Stout

Guardian (Minimum of $1,000 per year)

  • Mrs. Roy McCullough**
  • Pat & Ann McCune
  • Ed & Elaine Morascyzk
  • Pat & Chris O’Brien
  • Kurt & Tamara Salvatori
  • Richard & Margaret White

Historian (Minimum of $500 per year)

  • Carol Berthold**
  • Randy & Sandy Guthrie
  • William Kline & Suzanne Ewing
  • Leonard & Deborah Takach

Friend (Minimum of $100 per year)

  • Judge Thomas** & Rachel Gladden
  • Cathie Laird
  • Susan Priest
  • John & Dorothy Tecklenburg


Samuel T. Brownlee Society Permanent Membership

Permanent membership in the Society will be granted to those donors whose cumulative gifts for the Brownlee House total at least $25,000. The permanent membership will be prominently displayed at the Brownlee House, as well as through the Foundation’s marketing materials and website. As the Society is built, a naming opportunity for each permanent level will be provided to the first donor who contributes, or pledges to contribute, at that level. Once named, that named recognition level will exist in perpetuity. Permanent named recognition levels are as follows:

Level One (Minimum of $500,000 cumulative)*

  • William & Saundra Stout

Level Two (Minimum of $250,000 cumulative)*

  • Lohman Berthold

Level Three (Minimum of $100,000 cumulative)*

  • Emanuel & Carrie Paris
  • Allegheny Foundation

Level Four (Minimum of $75,000 cumulative)*

  • Tripp Kline & Suzanne Ewing

Level Five (Minimum of $50,000 cumulative)*

  • John & Alice Chapman
  • Anonymous
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Andy
  • Falconi Family
  • Laurence & Joann Ross
  • Zoog Family

Level Six (Minimum of $25,000 cumulative)*

  • Chambers Phelan
  • William & Carolyn Campbell

*Naming Right Committed