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Why Give to WCCF?

Your support of our charitable work makes our community stronger and more vibrant, both for today and for tomorrow! Your generosity enables us to improve the quality of life in Washington County through our philanthropic roles of Community Leader, Grantmaker, Donor Service Organization, and Fundraiser.

Final give 365

Donate to the GIVE 365 Fund

Through Give 365, your operational contribution of only $1 per day will enable us to:

  • Maximize the grant amounts provided to charities and other nonprofits;
  • Ensure there are no application fees for students seeking educational grants;
  • Facilitate WCCF Gives, which is the primary fundraising activity for many of our local charities;
  • Assist charities in telling their stories through our Storybook;
  • Assess community needs on an ongoing basis and provide that information to the public at Community Snapshot;
  • Provide free educational programs to local charities.

Donate to a Component Fund

As a donor service organization, we assist our donors in creating component funds to achieve their charitable goals. Component funds operate under the Foundation's single Federal tax exemption and are managed in compliance with individual governing documents that clearly define the specific charitable goals and objectives of each fund.

Component funds may be created in any of the Foundation's broad interest areas of: Animal Welfare, Arts & Humanities, Community Improvement & Economic Development, Conservation & Environment, Education, Health & Fitness, Human Needs, and Religion & Faith.

Almost all component funds accept contributions to increase their impact. Learn about creating a new component fund.

Donate to a Strategic Initiative Fund

As a community leader and working with donors who understand the importance of proactive grantmaking, the Foundation manages several Strategic Initiative Funds, all of which seek additional contributions to increase their impact. Your support of a Strategic Initiative Fund will help to increase our capacity to address the community's current needs as well as to provide a source of support for future needs.