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GIVE Washington County Fund

GIVE Washington County Fundlogo

To support nonprofits throughout Washington County in perpetuity, the GIVE Washington County Fund was initiated by the EQT Foundation, the philanthropic extension of EQT Corporation, the nation’s largest producer of natural gas, with a $25,000 contribution that was enhanced by a $10,000 contribution from EQT CEO, Toby Rice.

“The creation of GIVE Washington County Fund will give Washington County nonprofits another avenue to evolve their missions and sustain the important work they do to help many in the community,” said Ellen Rossi, President of the EQT Foundation. “We are thrilled to be the catapult for this type of forward-thinking philanthropy and hope it will spark a spirit of giving for many in the County.”

Grants from the Fund, which shall commence in 2024 and be no less than $2,500 per grantee, will be considered by a grants committee comprised of contributors to the Fund. Structured very broadly, the Fund may support any nonprofit providing charitable services in Washington County with grantees selected via an open and competitive process. However, the grants committee may target grants in any year to a specific focus area.

The Foundation will announce the availability of grants in advance of the application deadline and will provide the opportunity for interested nonprofits to make application through this website.

The total grant amount in any year shall be equal to the greater of $5,000 or 4% of the Fund’s fair market value as of December 31 of the previous year.

Contributions to the GIVE Washington County Fund are encouraged from all sources and can be made online by clicking the donate button above or by contacting the WCCF at 724-222-6330.

EQT leaseholders may also download a form to enroll in the GIVE campaign and take advantage of the EQT match opportunity here:

GIVE Campaign Donation Enrollment Form FINAL