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A.D. White Research Society


The A.D. White Research Society Ltd., was established for historical preservation and genealogy of the Avella, Pa., and local Tri-State area.

Programs and Services

  • The Society preserves the work and archives of Mr. A. D. White, an outstanding educator, historian, genealogist and humanitarian. Cross Creek, Hopewell and Jefferson Townships in Washington County were the places where Mr. White spent his working life as an educator in the school systems. He was the first Elemmentary Supervisor of the Avella Area School District of Independence, Cross Creek and Hopewell Townships and West Middletown Borough.
  • Additional biographical and history documents have been collected from other local writers.We have a map of Washington County from 1862 as well as census records, genealogies of Washington County founding families and obituaries from Northern Washington County. These archives are in the century old Avella train station along the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad line.
  • We have conducted tours of historical sites in the area, held the Avella History Fair for several years and provided annual talks and lectures at Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life.
  • With the end of the Covid era we plan to resume many activities as well as open the archives to visitors and history seekers. In addition to monetary support we seek interested volunteers to operate the Society.

Primary Revenue Sources

WCCF Gives, Solicitations

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives, Solicitations

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1744714
Revenue 7848.41
Expenses 6824
Net Assets 1023.43


Name: Willard C. White
Title: President
Phone: 724-507-6001
Address: PO Box 562
Avella, PA 15312

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