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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh*


The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite and power and promise of youth.

Programs and Services

  • BBBSPGH offers three core mentoring programs that serve at-risk youth in Washington County. They include:
  • 1. Community-Based Mentoring: This is our core program that provides the most flexibility for both the Big and the Little. It is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship where children and their mentors get together on their own time to share fun activities that they both enjoy. Volunteers are first carefully screened before they are “matched” with children based on backgrounds, interests, and preferences of the mentor, child, and the child’s family. These carefully made matches ensure the strength and longevity of each relationship which is close to 3 years across all programs – and exceeds our national BBBS average. Bigs are first introduced to their Little and their Little’s parent/guardian in a pre-match meeting which is set and facilitated by a BBBSPGH Case Manager (Match Support Specialist). The Match Support Specialist is responsible for monitoring the match throughout the relationship, solving problems, addressing challenges, and celebrating successes. Match Support is the cornerstone of BBBSPGH’s program model, ensuring child safety and positive youth outcomes of each relationship. On average, each match meets two times a month, for two or three hours at a time. Some Bigs meet their Littles on the weekends. Others get together with their Littles in the evenings, after school. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity. Matches often take walks together, go to the movies, share a meal, or listen to music. BBBSPGH also hosts monthly events through our more than 70+ community partners (Steelers, Pirates, Riverhounds, Carnegie Museums, Steel City Smiles, etc.), and through agency sponsored activities (picnics and parties).
  • 2. Site-based Mentoring: School-based Programs: BBBSPGH’s Site-Based Mentoring program currently operates at 15 elementary and middle Schools and at one community center throughout Allegheny, Washington, and Greene Counties. This program matches adult, college, or high school volunteers with elementary or middle school students (ages 8-13) for one-to-one mentoring. Matches meet once a week for 45 minutes to an hour to review and complete homework assignments together, participate in structured activities (STEAM, arts and crafts, sports and games), or to hear from guest speakers on a variety of topics. Each program site is coordinated, facilitated, and supervised by a BBBSPGH staff member. The Pittsburgh Bigs in Blue Program is a customized version of our Site-Based program. Bigs in Blue is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with police in communities across the nation, building strong, trusting, and lasting relationships. These relationships can help children develop into confident adults and help build stronger bonds between law enforcement and the families they serve. Each week, matches will meet on the school campus or at the law enforcement precinct, during lunchtime to develop ongoing friendships. Careers are also explored creating awareness of educational requirements and what the officers do in the communities that they serve. BBBSPGH Program Coordinators plan activities and provide ongoing guidance and support to each relationship. This support ensures child safety, positive relationship development, and strong youth outcomes.
  • 3. Big Futures (mentor2.0): Now entering its 10th year, mentor2.0 is an innovative program that combines the evidence-based youth mentoring practices of Big Brothers Big Sisters, with a unique high-school graduation success curriculum and online messaging platform from iMentor – a BBBSPGH partner. The goal of mentor2.0 is to boost academic achievement and decrease high-school drop-out rates, while preparing participating youth for post-secondary pathways – whether it is attending college or trade/vocational school, joining the military, or directly entering the workforce. The program begins in 9th grade and lasts through graduation. BBBSPGH is currently operating this program at three high-schools in the Pittsburgh region - This program is important because it provides the critical support that students need to achieve academic excellence and prepare for their post-secondary futures. Most students participating in mentor2.0 lack the support they need at home to succeed – many students have parents/guardians who have only completed high school. This program creates a culture of post-secondary readiness at the four high schools that we will serve during the 2023-2024 academic school year.

Primary Revenue Sources

Government Grants, Private and Family Foundations, Fundraising Events

Primary Fundraising Event

The Big Bash

2023 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-6074707
Revenue 2601014
Expenses 2757901
Net Assets 1632432


Name: Karen Berke
Title: Director of Grants
Phone: 412-204-1247
Address: 5989 Centre Avenue, Suite 1
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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