California Area Historical Society

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To bring together those people who are interested in local history. To preserve the heritage of the land and the significance of its settlers. To educate the pubic about the heritage of the area.

Programs and Services

  • To carry out its mission, the Society focuses on preserving collections in two areas: local history and genealogy. The collections include information on churches, public schools and the local state university, community groups and fraternal organizations, military conflicts and veterans, businesses, and people and residents, both past and present, who have contributed to the community's development over the years.
  • To educate the public about the area, the official publication, The California Crier, is published quarterly and distributed to members in 31 states. The publication contains information on settlers and early businessmen as well as news clippings, photographs, and other information pulled from our collections. The newsletter also highlights upcoming projects and events.
  • "Arlington Cemetery: Then and Now" was a well attended program in 2019. It was presented by David Madlstadt, a former U.S. Army National Guard member at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Over two dozen veterans attended from local American Legion Posts which gave the Society additional information on their military service. Another popular event was a bus tour to Sugarcreek, Ohio, where participants learned about the rich heritage of the Amish people.
  • In 2020, the Society is focusing on demolition of an adjacent property in order to erect a parking lot for our volunteers and visitors. The first floor of the Gallagher House, the site of the Society, contains displays on the bottling, boat building, and coal mining industries -- businesses that originated as the town was settled in 1849. A rotating display contains items from the Society's collections such as military, education, or community organization artifacts.
  • The Research Center is located on the second floor and houses the Family History Room, the library, and the archives. Visitors may browse the shelves or access collections through databases on various topics. The photographic collection, local histories, obituaries, marriages, estate settlements, funeral home records, newspaper extractions, church records, tombstone photographs, and over 1,100 genealogy files are indexed for easy reference.

Primary Revenue Sources

Charitable donations, grants, membership dues

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual spring solicitation letter, porch sales, soup sales

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1710596
Net Assets$12,179


Name:Mary Beth Graf
Address:429 Wood St., Box 624
California, PA 15419

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