California Area Public Library

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The California Area Public Library provides service to borrowers of books, periodicals, etc. and computer access to the public.

Programs and Services

  • After the Governor declared a state-wide quarantine order in March 2020, our library opened its doors to untimed in-the-library public visits on June 15, 2020 -- the first Monday after the order was partially lifted on June 13. Programming has been limited to outdoor self-serve children's activities but we are now able to plan more personal programs for Summer 2021. Book Club never missed a gathering. We've been here for computer users and those who need to FAX or print or copy documents.
  • We are working toward installation of a pergola on our back patio -- a Patio WiFi Oasis project. This will enhance our ability to meet for programs even if the weather is a bit inclement. We lost our shade trees a year ago, and the pergola will replace that in a manner that does not require raking of leaves. Our historic yellow brick patio decking also requires some TLC. The area will be even nicer for programming as well as for individuals who tuck in to browse their phones or read the paper.
  • The CPL purchases newly published books and DVDs, encouraging our patrons to read beyond their favorite authors at no-risk, providing variety. Some patrons share generously after they have read their own copies of bestsellers; these gifts are crucial to extending our offerings. When we weed older titles from our shelves, we do so with an awareness of retaining books which reflect popular or classic titles that are no longer "hot" but that reflect cultural interest that capture an era's essence.
  • In the fall of 2019 our director attended classes for Play and Grow, a Commonwealth Libraries project. She refreshed her knowledge about working to grow strong families and provide activities to encourage brain growth in young children. She shopped to outfit the library with fun, STEM-based toys. COVID-19 challenged us: we couldn't hire a Children's Program Specialist (our first paid Children's staffer) to present planned activities. The toys were put into quarantine until recently.

Primary Revenue Sources

State and county funding, private donations, grants

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives Day, FaceBook fund drives

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1408644
Net Assets$82,964


Name:Claudia Bennett
Address:100 Wood St.
California, PA 15419

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