Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation

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The mission of the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation is to connect the financial, material, and social resources of the Canon-McMillan community and the Canon-McMillan School District for the benefit of the students of Canon-McMillan.

Programs and Services

  • The Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation focuses its funding on innovative programs that normally are the dreams of educators and students but are beyond the regular school district budgets. This year added the extra dimension of Covid. While some might look at this experience as a total negative, our Foundation believes that it gave teachers and students different ways of looking at how education can take place. The Foundation has the opportunity to take advantage of what we learned.
  • The Foundation added the Mac Pac organization last year in order to have a component that not only "feeds" the minds in the classes but feeds the bodies of the students who are identified as food insecure in their homes. The program has supplied food over the weekends through an anonymous backpack distribution on Fridays. The program was halted by Covid constraints but it gave us time to look at the program and identify that many families need microwave ovens. This is our next mission.
  • Our Robot for Autism program has expanded from our first robot (Milo) that does amazing things to aid the District's autism spectrum children to a second robot (Robin) a girl robot. The robots' facial gestures, non-threatening responses, ability to do drill work with the students have been well received. The eye contact that the students make with the robots that they might not make with humans is wonderful. The Foundation is seeking additional software while other districts visit to learn.
  • The Foundation has laid the groundwork for all 9th graders to receive CPR training. The Foundation has set aside funding for professional CPR trainers. Students will become qualified to perform CPR and receive an identification card stating that upon successful course completion. It is our goal to continue this for at least the next 5 years. This is a gift of approx. 400 CPR trained students to the community this year with 1600 more to come. This is impactful to students and the community.
  • Our support of "Zoo in the Classroom" has watched the program evolve from having high school Zoology students, teacher and class animals travel to all 2nd grade classrooms to teach about animals to having all 2nd graders come to the high school for the experience. No travel this year but the high school students used Covid time to design animal videos and a lab procedure video for 3rd graders. This is a truly successful program that benefits students at the high school and elementary levels.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations from memorials, Range and Nutrition, INC

Primary Fundraising Event

None as a result of Covid

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID46-3023550
Net Assets$9,143


Name:Kathleen Berry
Phone:(412) 613-1915
Address:200 Demar Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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