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The mission of the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation is to connect the financial, material, and social resources of the Canon-McMillan community and the Canon-McMillan School District for the benefit of the students of Canon-McMillan.

Programs and Services

  • The Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation focuses its funding on innovative programs that normally are the dreams of students and educators because they are beyond the confines of normal school budgets. Last year, we funded a robot for students with autism. This small, human-like robot stood almost 3 feet tall, but more importantly, it was a "giant" with the students who would talk to him, do drill work with him, and listen to behavioral prompts without stress.
  • "Milo" the robot met the Foundation's qualification for innovation, but we needed feedback to re-assure us that it was successful. Within six months, the stories were so strong and solid that we were asked to find funding for another robot that served autistic needs. We were able to purchase a sister for Milo named "Robin." Both have added another dimension to the services for Canon-McMillan students. The robot program is a significant part of our mission to partner community resources to our schools.
  • This year we added a partner to the Horizon Foundation. The Mac Pac serves children with food needs over the weekends. Federal and state programs provide breakfast and lunch, but when weekends come, there is no secure food source. Our Mac Pac partner provides a non-descript plastic grocery bag of food, discreetly placed in a locker as a weekend food supplement. Rather than a single item (like the robots for autism), this is an on-going project.
  • The Foundation's next project is to fund a makerspace in the middle school library. In the past, a library was a quiet space. Now we are hoping to fund a makerspace that sets aside a part of the library that is equipped with a variety of materials, from paper and cardboard to erector sets and robots and greenboards. It would be an area where students come to explore, create, and tinker to solve problems. A makerspace gives students the opportunity for inquiry and discovery.
  • Our support of Zoo in the Classroom -- where zoology students and their high school teacher taught second graders with animals that they brought to the classrooms -- now is expanding to have all second graders bussed to the high school. This will allow high school students to show many more animals in the collection than could be transported. The learning experience for both high school students in readying themselves and the second graders soaking it up makes us want to find funding to expand.

Primary Revenue Sources

Corporate and private citizen donations

Primary Fundraising Event

No single event. Private contacts with corporations

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID46-3023550
Net Assets$7,407


Name:Kathleen Berry
Phone:(724) 926-3641
Address:200 Demar Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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