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Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh "Washington County Outreach"

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Catholic Charities is the primary social service agency of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, serving all regardless of religious affiliation, at their time of great need.

Programs and Services

  • Counseling: We offer counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families along with parenting classes and anger management. These are based on a sliding fee scale. Our counseling services can consist of co-parenting sessions for divorced and separating parents who wish to learn to communicate and collaborate better as they raise their children. Some insurances are accepted.
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services: We provide free and confidential pregnancy testing, counseling, and education as well as free infant-care items to expectant parents and parents of children up to the age of 2. All Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services are free and available to all who approach us for help.
  • Basic Needs Assistance: We provide limited financial utility assistance for county residents, and COVID-19 hardships financial assistance is available for shelter, food, meals, heat, water, electricity, disaster relief, rent, transportation, and a myriad of other specific situation solutions.
  • Person Centered Counseling (for senior citizens and others with disabilities): We offer free case management services which ensure that the consumer has the opportunity to connect with the appropriate resource seamlessly, regardless of where they make initial contact.

Primary Revenue Sources

Government contracts and programs, individual donations and bequests, In-kind donations, special events income

Primary Fundraising Event

Hope for Home Virtual Event (virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic).

2018 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1326213
Net Assets$14,327,070


Name:Gary Yaquinto
Title:Program Director
Address:212 Ninth St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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