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Chartiers Houston Community Library


Library Services

Programs and Services

  • Chartiers-Houston Community Library loans books and other materials to Chartiers Township, Houston Borough, and the surrounding areas. As a free library, CHCL grants access to over 80,000 items through the Washington Library Network. These resources include reference materials, books, periodicals, serials, A/V materials to be used at home or in the space at the library. CHCL evaluates the collection in order to provide materials to the community. The said resources engage the public in lifelong learning.
  • CHCL provides opportunities to members of every age and status. CHCL hosts weekly storytime sessions, and various certification courses throughout the year. In the past few years, CHCL has doubled the expenditures in Adult and Children's Programming. Topics are dependent on the requests and interests of the community and every aspect of growth from early childhood education to economic development.
  • CHCL recognizes the influence technology has on today's environment and the importance of updated equipment. CHCL upgrades networks and hardware when necessary in order to provide the most effective and relevant resources possible. CHCL has access to multiple technology kits through the Washington Library Network, designed to provide hands-on learning experiences in fields as robotics, at no extra cost to patrons.

Primary Revenue Sources

Contributions and grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Mass mailing requests (biannually), Pi Day fundraiser, book sales

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1158764
Revenue 100872
Expenses 99946
Net Assets 135304


Name: Susan Strnisha
Title: Library Manager
Phone: 724-745-4300
Address: 730 W. Grant St.
Houston, PA 15342

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