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Clean and Tidy Our County


Clean and Tidy Our County, Inc. is a non profit entity that organizes and performs County wide clean ups. The mission is to bring communities together to clean up litter, reduce waste, and recycle.

Programs and Services

  • Fern Sibert is the founder and director of this organization. Shirley Mounts is a coordinator and treasurer.
  • The main program/service for Clean and Tidy Our County, Inc. is organizing litter clean ups. We feel it is important to keep our environment, our only home, clean and safe. Many do not truly understand the negative impact litter has not only on the environment, but wildlife, water, taxes, tourism, home values, businesses, and safety.
  • Also, we have started an "Adopt a Bench" program by collecting and recycling bottle caps into benches for Washington County and there has been great Community response.
  • At this time, since this organization is new, it depends on donations to operate and we can only do what we can; that is why we are in need of funds to help us grow and achieve our goals. Currently, dump trucks must be rented to haul trash and tires have to be disposed of properly for a fee. Volunteers are also in need; high school students should consider volunteering as a great community service project. We are in the process of getting a website and have Venmo for donations.
  • Thank you for considering our organization and we hope to serve the Community for years to come.

Primary Revenue Sources


Primary Fundraising Event

Adopt a Bench

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 87-2519205
Revenue 2330
Expenses 1968.06
Net Assets 361.94


Name: Fern Sibert
Title: Director
Phone: 724-456-1780
Address: 486 Addison Avenue
Washington, PA 15301

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