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Coalition for Christian Outreach*


The CCO's vision is to see a generation of college students transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and His gospel, in partnership with the local church, reaching the world for the glory of God. The CCO calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their lives by: 1.) Sharing the gospel with students and developing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. 2.) Serving together with the church and inviting students into the lives of local congregations. 3.) Giving students a vision for serving Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.

Programs and Services

  • Here are some of the unique ways CCO campus ministry staff minister to students:
  • Studying the scriptures with students and showing them how to lead bible studies with others.
  • Taking students to church and inviting them to get involved in local congregations.
  • Teaching students how to take their Christian faith and live it out in the way they study, listen to music, engage on social media, and interact with their friends and family.
  • Introducing students to the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping students to share their faith with others.
  • Inviting students to participate in creative opportunities for transformation, including adventure, service, travel experiences, and summer leadership projects, where they deepen their faith and hone leadership skills.
  • Certain campus ministry staff focus their outreach to student athletes, helping them to balance the challenges of academics, athletics, faith development, and a healthy social life.
  • Certain campus ministry staff focus on reaching out to international students, and all campus ministry staff minister to students across racial and ethnic barriers.
  • The annual jubilee conference encourages students to dream about how their gifts might be used and developed to serve God and others.

Primary Revenue Sources

Individual Giving

Primary Fundraising Event

Next Generation Celebration and Clay Getaway

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1216330
Revenue 12314938
Expenses 12786679
Net Assets 24609566


Name: Jamie Donne
Title: Support Raising Ministry and Alumni Relations Specialist
Phone: 412-363-3303
Address: 5912 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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