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Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania*

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The mission of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania is to increase awareness of domestic violence and its effect on the community, to empower those victimized by providing advocacy and safe and effective services, and to work for social change designed to eliminate domestic violence.

Programs and Services

  • Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania (DVSSP) provides safe housing, counseling, legal advocacy, and other important services to individuals and their children who are abused or who are being threatened with abuse in Southwestern PA. We educate communities and empower survivors as we work toward our ultimate goal of eliminating relationship violence for everyone.
  • Our services include: Temporary safe houses; 24/7 hotlines; Empowerment counseling and support groups (in-person, over the phone, and virtual) for residents and non-residents; Legal advocacy programs; Housing and homelessness prevention services; Mental health assessments and therapy for residents and non-residents; Counseling and support services for children and youth.
  • DVSSP also leads prevention efforts in the community aimed at changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to prevent domestic violence from happening in the first place. These efforts include school-based programs that teach young people about managing their emotions and how to have safe and healthy relationships.

Primary Revenue Sources

Federal, state, and local grants, and contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and schools.

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual Peace Begins at Home Dinner

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1521327
Revenue 2846369
Expenses 2831114
Net Assets 1994798


Name: Molly Lamp
Title: Communications Specialist
Phone: 724-223-5477
Address: 371 Low Hill Road
Brownsville, PA 15417

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