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Fort Vance Historical Society


To preserve and collect local history. To achieve accessibility of the collection.

Programs and Services

  • We are an all-volunteer staff. We maintain published weekly hours every Wednesday in the Fort Vance Room, located in the Burgettstown Community Library (except when there are scheduling conflicts with our host hours of operation). We are in the Fort Vance Room during other periods of time to re-organize, change displays, etc., and we are available by appointment. We are free to the public, but we accept donations to cover our expenses.
  • We have been located in the Burgettstown Community Library since 1969. Our biggest obstacles are the hours of availability and that we have outgrown our room. We are in the process of searching for a new home in Burgettstown which we will be able to access at a patron's convenience, host more programs, and define our identity as separate from the library.
  • One of the easiest ways for Fort Vance to introduce itself to present and past residents is by posting our collection on Facebook. It is a reminder to residents of the past and informs their children and grandchildren of how their family worked and lived in the area. We have over 2,600 followers, which include individuals from several countries and 50 U.S. cities. We also share our information with other historical groups in the area and with our local township offices.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations and membership dues

Primary Fundraising Event

Washington County Community Fund, local donations

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID 90-1069616
Revenue 6191.85
Expenses 1788.80
Net Assets 15000


Name: Deborah L. Vraninin
Title: President
Phone: (724) 947-5441
Address: 2 Kerr St.
Burgettstown, PA 15021

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