The Peters Township Library Foundation

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The mission of The Peters Township Library Foundation is to build financial and volunteer support for the Peters Township Public Library.

Programs and Services

  • “I have a long history with Peters Township,” says Susan McMurray, a long-time donor whose grandparents lived by the Library. “Because my family moved frequently when I was a child, Peters became a constant in my life, my roots.” The James D. and William C. McMurray Local History Room is located on the Library’s second floor. Thanks to donors like Susan, The Foundation can keep funding projects that provide the community and generations to come with invaluable historical perspectives.
  • “Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve had a library card,” recalls Carol Adler, volunteer and donor at the Peters Township Library. “We have certain organizations, healthcare, civic, religious, etc., that we support and, of course, the library is high on that list.” With its knowledgeable staff, quality collection, and relevant programming, the Library is a "gold-star library in PA." With programs like Novel November, which bring renowned authors to speak, Carol is excited to donate her time again!
  • According to Lori Obel, volunteer and donor, “The primary impact any library makes is offering services and resources that are needed. Peters does this better than most libraries in our area, by offering a wide variety of programming that appeals to all age groups in our community and neighboring communities.” Through our funding efforts, the intergenerational allure of the library is demonstrated via adult book clubs to baby story time to the teen room - a vibrant center of the community.
  • In April 2021, we banded together to host a Pop Up Used Book Sale & Puzzle Exchange in the Library lot. After a year of isolation, the community was starved for connection and had certainly run out of reading material. Patrons were ready for spring cleaning and came in droves to donate their used materials. With the coordinated and safe efforts of nearly 20 volunteers, the sale was an enormous success. Any donations that did not sell were distributed to other community organizations in need.
  • “I attended the library’s Civil War Program,” says Patti Fink, donor and volunteer. Patti established a close relationship with the staff and was asked to participate in a film series on Vietnam. "When I shared the story of my POW-MIA bracelet, I was surprised and honored to be included with 7 local American heroes. History classes teach dates. Ordinary people tell their stories." The Foundation is able to foster connections by capturing notable historic events relevant to our patrons.

Primary Revenue Sources

Private donations, WCCF

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives, Annual Donor Drive Mailer, Annual Book Sale

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID90-0185928
Net Assets$455,877


Name:Maura Kelly
Title:President, The Peters Township Library Foundation
Address:616 E. McMurray Rd
McMurray, PA 15317

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