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Food Helpers*


To end hunger by creating sustainable communities through equitable aid, education and resources.

Programs and Services

  • Food Helpers’ Community Outreach Program is our main food distribution program. Clients receive a shelf-stable food box, produce, a dozen eggs, bakery and bread item and meat. Clients receive their food items through our “Truck to Trunk” model that we began in 2019, pre-pandemic, after moving away from the pantry model. Clients arrive in their car to the distribution location, and our staff and volunteers load the food items into their car. This change was made so that client had access to the freshest food and temperatures of the items were able to be maintained right until it is put in their car. Food Helpers’ Community Outreach Program distributes food across eleven (11) Monthly Distribution Sites. In addition, we have partnered with local groups from the county and surrounding areas to provide the freshest, most nutritious produce and food products, providing not just calories, but nutrition for the populations we serve.
  • Food Helpers’ PA Senior Box Program serves senior residents in Washington & Greene Counties. Senior residents are able to receive their food distribution via our Food Bank’s delivery service, or via our partnership with DoorDash – which delivers food right to seniors’ doors. In 2022, Food Helpers served 1076 senior households per month. In 2023, this need increased to 1,650 senior homes month, an increase in 574 seniors per month.
  • Via the Little Moochi Program, Food Helpers makes monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly snack food deliveries to thirteen (13) partnered schools Districts within Washington, Greene, and Fayette counties. Snack food distribution cadences are based on each individual school’s request and student need population percentage. Post snack food delivery, students pack up their USDA Smart Snack compliant foods to take home to eat after school, increasing their food security after traditional school hours. Provided at no cost to the school, this program ensures students have access to healthy and accessible food options outside of traditional school hours. In 2022, Food Helpers served 2,400 students per month. In 2023, this need increased to serving 7,500 students per month – highlighting an increase of 5,100 students per month with a need for food outside of school.
  • Food Helpers’ Summer Nutrition Program provides free food to children so they may receive the same high-quality nutrition during the school vacations that they get in school during the school year. Over the course of the eight (8) weeks, Food Helpers partners with eight (8) library locations, as well as the Centerville Clinics, to provide this vital summer food programming to youth. In 2023, Food Helpers served 75 children per week via our partnered library locations, and served 250 children per week at the Centerville Clinics location, a total of 325 children per week in need of food during the summer months. We will be serving 250 childen a week this summer, an increase of 175 children a week.
  • Food Helpers’ has seen a drastic increase in families in need of food for the holiday seasons, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Food Helpers’ holiday food distribution takes place in three locations for ease of access to community residents. In 2022, Food Helpers served 3,000 families across the three holiday seasons. In 2023, Food Helpers served 5,400 families across the three holiday seasons – an increase in 2,400 families in need.
  • In Summary: In total, Food Helpers distributed 110,607 pounds of food in 2023 to individuals, families, and youth in need. As we continue to remain steadfast in our mission, we are increasingly needing resources to meet this escalated need for food distribution in our served communities. In addition, it is our goal to increase our fresh food distribution to 10% of all food distributed, in an effort to assist in the provision of fresh and nutrient dense foods for those in need in Washington County.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donor contributions and foundation grants

Primary Fundraising Event

471 Kids Challenge

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 23-2939247
Revenue 3090364
Expenses 2922934
Net Assets 4435045


Name: Cherise Sandrock
Title: Chief Development & Program Officer
Phone: (724) 632-2190
Address: 1000 Horizon Vue Dr., Suite HQ1D15
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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