Greater Washington County Food Bank

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To form lasting solutions to hunger insecurity through effective food distribution systems; to educate and empower the needy in seeking positive lifestyle changes; and, to create awareness through individual and community partnerships.

Programs and Services

  • Greater Washington County Food Bank has been serving the residents of Washington County for over 35 years. Along with other agencies, Greater Washington County Food Bank targets populations that may not have access to traditional food assistance programs. Through short-term, long-term, and rural support services, the food bank’s emphasis is on feeding, ensuring no one goes to bed hungry.
  • Healthy Habits Training Center is a business center and instructional kitchen located at Food Helpers’ facility. Healthy Habits Training Center’s mission is to offer classes and trainings to teach, empower, and enable our neighbors to make healthy choices and create healthy habits for themselves and their families. With an emphasis on training, education becomes the tool to overcome food insecurity and prevent future insecurity.
  • By advocating community partnerships, modeling innovative methods to grow healthy foods, and promoting healthy habits and healthy eating, The FARM is able to empower the growth of one’s own food. The FARM teaches different growing methods and animal husbandry, for novice and first-time farmers to food bank clients alike. The FARM can fight food insecurity by teaching clients to make their own food supply chain and become self-sufficient.
  • Country Thrift Market’s mission is to support the community by providing affordable goods and training while also supporting Greater Washington County Food Bank’s fight against food insecurities. Offering new and gently used items, Country Thrift Market has something for everyone! With an emphasis on thrifting, Country Thrift Market offers an economical retail outlet.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grant Funding and Donations

Primary Fundraising Event

2000 Turkeys

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID23-2939247
Net Assets$3,581,024


Name:Cherise Sandrock
Title:Donor Relations Coordinator
Address:909 National Pike West
Brownsville, PA 15417

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