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Habitat for Humanity works to develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses.

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  • They Were Home for Christmas (and not only in their dreams!): They say life is what you make it. If you need proof, then look no further than the Diamond children. Forced to deal with more adversity, and overcome more man-made unpleasantness, in their brief lives than even the most unlucky of us would likely encounter over the course of a long lifetime, the Diamond children (Amaya, Mariyah, Davon and Talaija), all of whom have been adopted by their grandmother, have a message for all of us – life is beautiful. Having survived horrors too awful to mention, the Diamonds refused to let the bad guys win and have emerged on the other side loving, caring and, against all odds, optimistic. Thus, when a world-wide pandemic severely limited home construction, particularly that small percentage which relies heavily on volunteer labor, the children never lost hope that they would celebrate Christmas in their new Habitat home. While each of the children expressed their sincere gratitude to everyone at the Washington County Habitat for Humanity who helped to take their new home from dream to reality, it was, perhaps, ten year old Talaija who summed it up best. “We are very grateful to everyone who made it possible for us have a new home of our own that will be ours forever,” she said. In case you are wondering, that is, in fact, an exact quote from a ten year old. The Diamond children are also smart. Some month's back, the Diamond's grandmother had shared a story about how much the children wanted a home of their own. The children had wanted to go out for hamburgers, but every cent was being put toward their new home and everything that they would need for that new home. As a result, grandma told them that they would have to choose between hamburgers or a new home. A new home was the unanimous decision. A kind-hearted person who became aware of the situation could provide the children with hamburgers. However, it takes an organization replete with donors, volunteers and supporters in many forms to provide four children and their grandmother with a home of their own. It takes an organization like Habitat for Humanity.We are the Washington County Habitat for Humanity. It's what we do.

Primary Revenue Sources

ReStore, Grants, Appeal Letters

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Summer & Holiday Appeals

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1605745
Net Assets$1,543,868


Name:Kimberley Gloady
Title:Executive Assistant
Phone:(724) 222-4340
Address:1051 E. Maiden St.
Washington, PA 15301

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