Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation

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To improve the educational, academic, social and economic climate of the community, to become a safer, cleaner, more beautiful and prosperous place to live, work, worship and play.

Programs and Services

  • Highland Ridge CDC's Mending Fences' program aids qualified homeowners - seniors, low-income, physically-disabled and/or veterans with work that helps them remain safely in their homes.In 2019, one 80+ year-old had her bathroom refitted with new fixtures to eliminate leaks that made the facility unsafe and a new window that was energy efficient. The roof on her older home was repaired, resulting in a dry interior after years of failure.This was done by professionals, supported by LSA funds.
  • HRCDC's Staying Green provides rental plots at low cost to residents for the growth of vegetables, herbs and flowers in our Neighborhood Garden. Many plants have been donated by local farmers for their use.Other projects include filling large planters throughout the City of Washington and planting the Mayor's Park with flowers provided in partnership with Western Pa Conservancy, and kept fresh by board members and volunteers. HR Park at the edge of the Neighborhood Garden provides green space.
  • HRCDC had partnered with Bishop Canevin High School, Washington & Jefferson College, and the newly-formed Blight committee to improve the atmosphere and environment in the Washington vicinity. Student volunteers have participated in small home improvement projects, clean-up and development of the Neighborhood Garden as well as distribution of information and applications of our services. This past July, 40-some Canevin students and adults participated in this yearly commitment to our efforts.
  • In 2020, we hope to combine efforts with local food banks whose clients can "profit" from vegetables donated by our growers. Additionally, a tree nursery will be added to the land located on Forrest Avenue, wedged between Lincoln Terrace and Lemoyne Community Center, for eventual transplant to neighbors looking for shade and beautification. Saplings have been donated by board members and are also being sought by a Pittsburgh non-profit that promotes neighborhood greening.
  • Highland Ridge is anxious to continue making home improvements, using our donor funds once LSA money is expended this year. Home security for our older neighbors is greatly needed, and it's our mission.

Primary Revenue Sources


Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives Day

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1874378
Net Assets$29,235


Name:Sandra Mansmann
Title:Board President
Address:PO Box 4275
Washington, PA 15301

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