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Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation


To improve the educational, academic, social and economic climate of the community, to become a safer, cleaner, more beautiful and prosperous place to live, work, worship and play.

Programs and Services

  • Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation was developed with two main focuses: Mending Fences, which provides free minor home repairs to low-income homeowners who are seniors, veterans or have permanent physical disabilities. In the last couple of years this became a secondary focus because of the inability to get bids from qualified contractors.
  • Highland Ridge's Staying Green, manifested in the Neighborhood Garden, has become our current main focus with its yearly expansion in space and community participation. The Garden provides rental beds at low cost for planting vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers to the neighborhood at large. It is located between the Lemoyne Community Center and Lincoln Terrace where there is great need for its use. This past year has seen the renewal and addition of garden plots, including tabletop beds that provide convenience to older and physically-impaired gardeners.
  • A large, covered pavilion is underway for use with educational programs for the children of LMCC's Camp Challenge this summer, and can provide shelter for meetings and other projects.
  • We have help from a corps of dedicated volunteers who maintain the garden, as well as an annual week of labor from Bishop Canevin HS (Pittsburgh) students and parents who joyfully join us for cleanup, paint, repair and building whatever is needed.
  • Completing the area, is the adjacent HR Park, an open green and treed space with tables and benches for respite to local residents and visitors.
  • We try to work cooperatively with other garden groups and organizations to make the City of Washington a safer, cleaner and more beautiful place to live.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations and garden rentals

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives Day

2023 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1874378
Revenue 12765.12
Expenses 6835.72
Net Assets 5929.40


Name: Sandra Mansmann
Title: Board Vice President
Phone: (724) 413-9921
Address: PO Box 4275
Washington, PA 15301

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