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Kleine Klasse Schule (KKS) is designed the fill the educational void by support through education, resources, and social capital to individuals and non profits fostering upward mobility.

Programs and Services

  • Founded in May 2019, Kleine Klasse Schule started as a place students could receive help with homework and future goals. As COVID 19 hit, this need became greater as parents and teachers struggled with online venues. Soon after, other nonprofits also needed assistance in grant writing and scholarship programs. We offered these services as well as consultations for improvements in curriculum and staff development.
  • The Way Out program help young adults find their way, after experiencing failure. With little support after high school, some individuals find themselves lost due to failure or lack of direction. Some may drop out of college and become lethargic in an uninspired situation. We rekindle their desires and give them support and follow-up tracking assisting them step by step. Through this process we develop lasting relationships with individuals that may not have others to encourage them.
  • In 2021, we opened a resource center on main street of West Alexander. We quickly became a hub for resources. We opened a Give and Take library where people could donate books and receive books. We also became a distribution center for food boxes by partnering with the local churches and the salvation army. We also set up a free station outside of the building for a variety of items including toiletries, hygiene, and baby items.
  • West Alexander is rich in history that needs preserved. Once our resource center opened, many residents dropped off historical documents and items. A great enthusiasm quickly grew for the community. West Alexander Area Community of Services (WAACOS) was born. WAACOS will concentrate their specific purpose to revitalize the area, small businesses, reinstate historic and festive gatherings, provide parks, events, recreation for the residents, and encourage a sense of community spirit.
  • In addition to homework and other academic help, KKS assists students in ACT, SAT, GED, State, Placement, and other Standardized Testing techniques and strategies, as well as emotional support, anxiety, pacing, and goals. We have a staff of 12 highly qualified instructors that donate much of their time.

Primary Revenue Sources

Consulting service

Primary Fundraising Event

Rummage sale

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID83-4658450
Net Assets$-1,041


Name:Kathleen Miller
Title:Administrative Chair
Phone:(724) 344-6816
Address:47 Church St.
West Alexander, PA 15376

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