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Kleine Klasse Schule


Kleine Klasse Schule (KKS) is designed the fill the educational void by support through education, resources, and social capital to individuals and non-profits fostering upward mobility. When working with individuals, we will 1.) extinguish doubts, reset opportunities, minimize past bad academic experiences. 2.) instill confidence, goals, and a clear plan of success 3.) provide support, knowledge, and strategies necessary in accomplishing success. When working with select non-profits, we will 1.) assist with success of their mission 2.) collaborate when helpful 3.) consult in areas of our member expertise

Programs and Services

  • Kleine Klasse Schule is a multifaceted non-profit organization that is located in West Alexander PA. Originally started to provide homework help and educational assistance for all age, KKS evolved to provide humanitarian needs through a community garden, food pantry, clothing pantry, Give and Take library, and Free Store.
  • To encourage pride in the community, KKS started a subsidiary called West Alexander Area Community of Services (WAACOS). The WAACOS focus on community improvements with the renovation of the main street gazebo, renovation of the outdoor basketball court, creation and display of over 70 veteran banners, as well as assisting with the revitalization of the town's historical significance.

Primary Revenue Sources

Consulting services and projects

Primary Fundraising Event

West Alexander Fair Concession Stand

2023 Financials

Federal Tax ID 83-4658450
Revenue 70090
Expenses 39687
Net Assets 20030


Name: Kathleen Miller
Title: Administrative Chair
Phone: (724) 344-6816
Address: 47 Church Street, PO Box 1
West Alexander, PA 15376

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