Kleine Klasse Schule

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Kleine Klasse Schule (KKS) is designed the fill the educational void by support through education, resources, and social capital to individuals and non profits fostering upward mobility.

Programs and Services

  • West Alexander Area Community of Services (WAACOS): We believe we will revitalize West Alexander, so our motto is “We’re not crazy, we’re just WAACOS.” We renovate central landmarks and recognize our Hometown Veteran Heros by displaying banners on the streets. Our goals also include refacing the buildings on Main Street, reactivating the historic festivals and holiday events, and providing humanitarian resources such as a clothing, food pantry, and a community garden.
  • Homework Help: When requested and operationally allowed, KKS offers one-on-one face-to-face homework help in various K – 12 courses including core courses of mathematics, English, sciences, and history, at any level. Some of our professionals elected to support college and university students also. Homework help in languages and many electives are available. All help is also available virtually when transportation or illness prevents meeting.
  • Public Library and Resource Center: The decision was made to open a Give-and-Take library where people could donate books and take books. The books are separated into three categories, red, yellow, and green. Red books are books that are to stay in the library resource center to be used. Yellow books are to be borrowed, and Green books are free to take and keep. Computers are also set up for research as well as other tools, games, and problem solving components.
  • Social Responsibility Seminars: KKS will evaluate and research how your company can best make a difference in the community while not breaking your bank. Social responsibility to make our communities a better place to live can be as simple as providing a room for a local meeting, providing product to a non-profit, becoming involved in a tax credit program, or simply setting candy bars on a counter.
  • Test Preparation: ACT, SAT, GED, State, Placement, and other Standardized Testing techniques and strategies, as well as emotional support, anxiety, pacing, and goals.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations and consulting services

Primary Fundraising Event

Memorial fundraiser

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID83-4658450
Net Assets$38,563


Name:Kathleen Miller
Title:Administrative Chair
Phone:(724) 344-6816
Address:47 Church St.
West Alexander, PA 15376

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