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Who We Are Leadership Washington County is a leadership development organization with programs that leverage classroom learning, experiential learning, and exposure to government, academic, nonprofit, and corporate institutions, as well as, leadership experts to build business leaders, community leaders, and professional networks. Our Impact LWC creates leaders that work for the better good in our community and positively influence others beyond their roles as employees. Our Mission LWC develops leaders creating impact.

Programs and Services

  • Leadership Washington County (LWC) develops leaders creating impact for career professional of any age. We are a leadership development organization providing programs that leverage classroom learning, experiential learning, and exposure to government, academic, nonprofit and corporate institutions. Our program offers access to a large network of business and community leaders, and professional networks that will help participants gain a better understanding of our economy and community while promoting personal growth.
  • "The LWC program has been a more intellectually broadening course than I anticipated. I expected some leadership training and knowledge about participation on nonprofit boards. But I learned so much more about different aspects of Washington County that I would have experienced otherwise. LWC has given me information and tools to be a better leader in my career and in my community." Dominic Tarella of Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • "Leadership Washington County provided me with positive and quality guidance that I didn’t know I needed. The curriculum, speakers, and interaction with peers representing all sectors of business within Washington County were truly invaluable. There is much to be said for a program that can place a large group of strangers; with varying strengths, differing personalities, and a wide range of life experiences, in a room, and transform them into an efficacious team within 9 months. LWC afforded me an opportunity to form necessary relationships to ensure not only the success of the business I was representing, but more importantly, my personal success as a leader in Washington County. I carry the lessons from LWC with me every day and probably will for the rest of my life. This is a program everyone should experience if they truly want to grow as a leader!"-A.J. Williams, Controller, Schultz Electric
  • "Leadership Washington County was an extremely valuable experience for me both personally and professionally. I greatly benefited from being able to develop my best self as a leader, and I am confident that the strategies and philosophies discussed throughout the program will positively impact me and my colleagues. Additionally, the amount of unique, first-hand experiences across multiple sectors of Washington County business, entertainment and community were phenomenal; I walked away from every single class with something new and of value." Aliesha Walz, COO, WCCF

Primary Revenue Sources

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Primary Fundraising Event

LWC Bowl-a-thon

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1855297
Net Assets$58,857


Name:Katie Unger-Chipps
Title:Executive Director
Address:6000 Town Center Blvd., Suite 100
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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