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LeMoyne Community Center*

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The Lemoyne Community Center develops, shapes, defines, and stabilizes our community through education, arts, health, and recreational programs.

Programs and Services

  • The Lemoyne Community Center develops, shapes, defines, and stabilizes our community through education, arts, health, and recreational programs. We are located in the city of Washington, PA and were founded in 1956. The Center is primarily focused on the need for youth to have a positive outlet for their energy and creativity. We provide afterschool programming, summer camps, community events, and our feeding program. We serve hundreds of at-risk youth throughout the year along with several hundred more community members.
  • The Homework and More program started in 2009 and is our after-school program. This program operates during the school year and serves youth in grades K through 12 from various local school districts in Washington County. Education is our top priority, and we emphasize the completion of homework assignments utilizing the partnership we have with the teachers from the local schools’ districts who provide daily, onsite after school tutoring. In addition to help with schoolwork, Homework and More offers a variety of enrichment classes to further supplement student education. Enrichment classes may include book clubs, tennis lessons, STEAM classes, African Drumming, life skills, Girl Scouts, cooking classes, sports, recreation, and much more. Students receive a nutritious dinner and a snack every day through the Nutrafit program. Feedback from the schools has shown that our program has helped to improve the academic performance of the participating students.
  • Lemoyne Community Center’s Mobile Feed and Nutrafit Program provide at-risk youth with nutritional snacks and meals during the summer plus nutrition and exercise education. Our mobile feed sites are across Washington County, PA and focus on low-income high-risk areas for youth. 80% of the youth that attend programming come from families that have less than $30,000 in annual income and approximately 45% are minorities (Washington County overall is 93% Caucasian). Examples of the mobile feed sites are local parks, low-income housing projects, trailer parks, and other areas where children may be in need of a healthy meal in the summer. Every youth that receives the Mobile Feed meals, receives at least one component of the Nutrafit education portion and is encouraged to get plenty of exercise. The education is to enable the youth to continue healthy eating and physical activity habits into their adulthood and to share those habits with their families.
  • Lemoyne’s Camp Challenge offers at-risk and under resourced youth in Washington County with 8 weeks of programming through Camp Challenge at no cost. This summer camp program has been in operation since 2009 and serves approximately 150 campers each year. Camp Challenge not only provides a safe positive environment for the youth but also offers many types of fun interacting educational activities including but not limited to tennis, archery, art, music, Girl Scouts, life skills, swimming, cooking, field trips, and much more. All campers receive healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks through our Nutrafit program.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grants, Donations, PA Treasury (Feed Program), Revenue

Primary Fundraising Event

Spring Fling Cash Bash, Holiday Bingo Night

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1215468
Revenue 548511
Expenses 704595
Net Assets 1172923


Name: Teresa Burroughs
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 724-228-0260
Address: 200 N. Forrest Avenue
Washington, PA 15301

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