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Little Lake Theatre Company

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Presentation of live theatre.

Programs and Services

  • The mission of the Little Lake Theatre is to: “Cultivate community through quality theatrical experiences” and our vision is: “To explore opportunities to connect to the human spirit in a world that has become more disconnected; to be well-known and loved by the community as a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging on stage or in the audience.”
  • Will Disney founded Little Lake Theatre in 1949 with the vision of creating what is at the heart of community theatre: a place where actors, directors, designers, volunteers, and audiences support one another, learn from one another, and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. Will’s vision remains our passion today. In the mid-1990s, Today, the current management team of Patrick Cannon, Artistic Director and Patricia Knapp, Managing Director, together have over 40 years of arts management expertise.
  • Great theatre has the power to awaken and transform individuals. Little Lake aspires to that ideal but chooses to add an even deeper layer to the experience. By connecting people in the community across generations and professions regardless of social and economic standings, we create an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity highlighting commonalities instead of differences and thereby enrich and strengthen our community.

Primary Revenue Sources

Programming, Foundation Support, Individual Support

Primary Fundraising Event


2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1475251
Revenue 594887
Expenses 380825
Net Assets 636122


Name: Patricia Knapp
Title: Managing Director
Phone: 724-745-6300
Address: 500 Lakeside Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15317

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