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Mon Valley Alliance Foundation*


To promote and market economic development and job creation in the Mid-Mon Valley communities. Our historical longer-range initiatives of promoting transportation and industrial park infrastructure will be leveraged through public and private investment and innovation.

Programs and Services

  • The Mon Valley Alliance Foundation (MVAF) was established to serve as a source of economic generation and support for communities, non-profits and small business located within the Mid Mon Region of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Our programs and initiatives are designed to promote economic development, improve the business atmosphere, and encourage philanthropy in the Mon Valley.
  • The MVAF has developed several privately funded programs available to municipalities and businesses to improve the region.
  • Programs delivered by the MVAF include: Small Business Microloan Program, Town-to-Town Mini-Grant Program, Municipal Assistance, Small Business Counseling, Community Funding

Primary Revenue Sources

Main source of funding is our services agreement with the MVA to run that operation

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1154706
Revenue 580835
Expenses 537686
Net Assets 1455168


Name: Madison Codeluppi
Title: Marketing and Development Specialist
Phone: (724) 565-5636
Address: 235 W. Main Street
Monongahela, PA 15063

This website contains an organizational snapshot, as well as links and contact information, for each of our participating charities. We have also included the tax identification number for each charity so Donors wishing to review more detailed financial and governance information may access the Form 990 for that charity via