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Mon Valley Youth & Teen Association

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The purpose of the Mon Valley Youth and Teen Association, Inc. is to serve youth and teens of the Mon Valley through programs and activities that provide and promote education, self-esteem, responsibility to self and others, and to seek to improve those conditions in our society, which affect the youth of today and in the future.

Programs and Services

  • Programs offered by the Mon Valley Youth and Teen Association , Inc. are designed to provide opportunities for youth to develop skills in decision making, socialization and interaction, leadership responsibility and community involvement. Youth groups, camping, enrichment, Youth and Teen Center activities, and other special programs provide for comprehensive program.
  • MVYATA is a Non-Profit organization that diligently aims to better the lives of children, their families, and communities. This organization is home to many things: a monthly food bank/pantry, clothing/toy drive, day camp, and multiple after school programs just to name a few. Our after school programs meet multiple times a week and provide each child/teen with an encouraging, safe environment where they have homework help,m craft time, visits with therapy animals, life skills lessons, and of course a nutritious meal. These programs have allowed us to enrich the lives of thousands of children from the Mon Valley area and beyond.

Primary Revenue Sources

Program service revenue

Primary Fundraising Event

Holiday Bash

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1740974
Revenue 84944
Expenses 66473
Net Assets 147195


Name: Mary Anne Bandalo
Title: Executive Director
Phone: (724) 379-4889
Address: 160 Thompson Ave.
Donora, PA 15033

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