Primrose School and Museum

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For educational and charitable purposes specifically to restore and preserve a two-room school.

Programs and Services

  • Provide educational opportunities of historical one and two room schools built in 1897.
  • Restored an early 1900 school for educational and historical purposes - one room is an old style class room and other room is museum.
  • Provide tourism for the Washington County and southwestern Pennsylvania area.
  • Offer history of the local area and genealogical information.
  • Restoration of the two-room schoolhouse -- Offer an opportunity to enjoy an early one-room school day.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations and grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Events held at the school and museum

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID56-2651995
Net Assets$34,171


Name:Loretta R. Kendall
Address:364 E. Lincoln Ave.
McDonald, PA 15057

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