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Resurrection Power of Washington Pennsylvania*


Resurrection Power provides Christian based addiction recovery houses. Pastoral care is provided to help build residents' spiritual recovery.

Programs and Services

  • Resurrection Power currently operates four (two men and two women) recovery homes where residents live with others, maintaining sobriety as they heal and move beyond the confines of their drug and alcohol addiction. We offer support, mentoring, and encouragement in an affordable and sober living environment. We provide opportunities that allow the residents to heal, learn and grow to become functioning members of society.
  • Many of our residents have spent years in isolation and dysfunction from addictive behavior. As partners, our work is to be with them and support them in discovering root causes and beginning the healing and restorative process.
  • Our residents need to be mentored socially and spiritually and taught how to grow and develop in their character and how to handle the difficulties of life without turning to drugs and alcohol. Our residents need help with occupational growth and opportunities while learning ways to live productive and meaningful lives. We help them develop life skills that can be carried with them as they begin their lives without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donors, grants, resident program fees & fundraising events.

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual breakfast banquet

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 51-0410530
Revenue 284109
Expenses 259610
Net Assets 118762


Name: Sarah Angelo
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 724-884-5006
Address: 224 S. Wade Avenue, PO Box 1533
Washington, PA 15301

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