South Hills Children's Choir

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The purpose of the SHCC is to impart beauty, grace, and integrity in all of our singers, enriching the lives of youth from all religious, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds and promoting a sense of discipline and accomplishment through musical excellence, beautiful singing, and quality, authentic repertoire.

Programs and Services

  • SHCC sings together to experience the joy of singing in a group and making life-long friends. Each rehearsal involves exercises in excellent vocal technique, music theory, music reading, and music history, opening up a new musical world. We sing songs from other communities, cultures, centuries, and the Great Composers. We strive to create beauty and understand truth where every member is significant, ultimately sharing the gift of song with others in need and in our neighborhoods.
  • Our program is divided into 3 choirs: Canticle, our newcomer group for ages 8-10, and Concordia, the intermediate choir for ages 11-17. Our touring group, Chorale, requires a further audition and travels to experience musical enrichment and share choral music. This group is selected from Concordia Choir, requiring a more serious commitment. Our main goal is to include any child and give him or her a chance to share musical gifts with others, growing in leadership, empathy, and understanding.
  • The SHCC has had many opportunities to sing at special venues, such as performing in Carnegie Hall, New York City, 2016, singing at Pittsburgh Penguin games, and concertizing in Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland, 2017. Upcoming locations include the International Children's Choir Festival in Canterbury and London, 2019. While we enjoy and cherish these amazing opportunities, we are also proud to serve our local community as well, by sharing songs and more at local assisted living facilities.
  • We serve our community by singing for and with them, but we also serve our members. The SHCC is open to a diverse group of children, including those with exceptionalities. Morgan, a special needs singer with autism, has incredible musical gifts and a lovely voice. She has become a friend to all the choristers in Canticle and with her choir buddy from Concordia. She has matured in her social skills and ability to function in assorted group settings. The SHCC exists for students like Morgan.

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2017 Financials

Federal Tax ID46-3290007
Net Assets$9,447


Name:Jennie Nolan
Title:Founder and Director
Phone:(724) 949-0048
Address:883 Linden Road
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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