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South Hills Children's Choir


The mission of the South Hills Children’s Choir (hereafter SHCC) is to provide quality music education with the goal of attaining the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music performance. SHCC endeavors to enrich the lives of youth from all religious, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Programs and Services

  • The South Hills Children's Choir (SHCC), a non-profit after school program, provides quality music education and artistic excellence through a variety of choral experiences to the youth of Southwestern Pennsylvania. We enrich our unique singers' lives through social growth and skill development. SHCC teaches Bel Canto technique, solfege, and music theory by singing the diverse repertoire of our communities, cultures, and the centuries. A 3-tiered program, SHCC actively incorporates students with special needs. We recruit quality teaching artists, master clinicians, composers, and an array of instrumentalists adding breadth to regular rehearsals. A key component of singing is performing for others. SHCC regularly travels throughout the community to sing for community events, senior citizens, and other students. SHCC tours outside the South Hills, as well, to places such as New York City, Canterbury and London (UK), Washington DC, West Virginia, and most recently Philadelphia. In June 2024, our advanced level Cadenza will participate in a youth choral festival at Carnegie Hall, NYC, under the baton of Maestro Emily Ellsworth.

Primary Revenue Sources


Primary Fundraising Event

Soles for Songs 5K

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 46-3290007
Revenue 46706
Expenses 38537
Net Assets 9761


Name: Jennifer Nolan
Title: Founder and Artistic Director
Phone: (724) 949-0048
Address: 883 Linden Road
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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