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Venetia Heritage Society*


The Mission of the Venetia Heritage Society (VHS) is to preserve the former Venetia Grade School through transformative use of the facility as a center for service to people of all ages in the surrounding community. The VHS also strives to increase awareness and educate the public about local history and its significance to the area.

Programs and Services

  • The Venetia Heritage Society provides a home to the Montour Model Railroad Club, Firl Scouts and Peteres Township Rowing Club.
  • It also hosts the Washington County Area Agency on aging who serves lunch and provides a special program twice a month to local senior citizens.

Primary Revenue Sources


Primary Fundraising Event

Annual Mailing

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1813441
Revenue 24500
Expenses 26687
Net Assets 347572


Name: Dan Mitchell
Title: President
Phone: (412) 296-1851
Address: 800 Venetia Road, P.O. Box 29
Venetia, PA 15367

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