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The mission of the Village of FPC (The Village) is to provide no-cost childcare and preschool to the children of single-parents attending school full-time to make a better life for their families.

Programs and Services

  • Village of FPC (The Village) provides the following services: Childcare, Preschool, Pre-k, Early childhood education, No-cost childcare for single-parent, full-time students, Daycare, Education
  • Quality standards and Memberships: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation, Pennsylvania Keystone Star 4 rating --highest, Eco-Healthy Child Care Certified, North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, N4C National Coalition for Campus Children's Centers
  • The Village enrolls children from six weeks to pre-kindergarten and offers before/after/summer care for school-aged children. Some children attend on full-scholarships, while others participate in subsidized care or pay full-tuition. The Village strives to provide every child with the best early learning experience. Children from diverse backgrounds learn and play in an inclusive environment as they build a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • While single-parent, fulltime students work towards an educational degree and demonstrate a commitment to education as a way to advance, their children are also learning and growing in a safe, educationally stimulating environment. This two-pronged approach is a way to make systemic equitable changes.
  • The Village also operates the Rutledge Institute for Early Childhood Education located on the PennWest California campus. This preschool/pre-k program is a collaboration of private donors, higher education, and the nonprofit Village. Children in the Mon Valley, whose families could not otherwise afford a fulltime, high-quality early learning experience attend at no cost to their families.

Primary Revenue Sources

Program Income, Grants, Fundraising

Primary Fundraising Event

Shoe and Purse Bash

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID20-5630886
Net Assets$889,005


Name:Cherie Sears
Phone:(724) 330-5525
Address:408 Liberty St.
California, PA 15419

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