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Washington Area Humane Society*

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To provide shelter, safety, and care for the abandoned and abused animals of Washington County with the goal of placing them in forever homes.

Programs and Services

  • The Washington Area Humane Society servers over 4,000 animals from Washington County each year through intakes, foster homes, adoptions, humane investigations, pet food bank, spay & neuter clinics, vaccination clinics, supportive veterinary care, education, volunteer opportunities, and community outreach.
  • Animal Intake: The WAHS intakes 700 animals a year on average. Most of the animals are strays and from WAHS Humane Society Police Officer cases. Owners who can no longer care for their pets can also surrender their pets to the shelter to be rehomed. The WAHS is proud of its 95% live release rate. In 2023, 100% of animals brought to the WAHS were from Washington County.
  • Humane Investigations: The WAHS employs one Humane Society Police Officer who receives and investigates over 450 calls annually. On average they rescue over 100 animals a year and file 75 citations. Our officer also offers educational opportunities to help break the cycle of animal abuse in our county.
  • Affordable Pet Adoptions: The WAHS adopts pets to the public for an affordable price. Each pet is fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and has been cared for by a veterinarian on site as well as evaluated by the WAHS behavioral team.
  • Pets for U.S. Vets: The WAHS adopts on average 35 pets to Veterans for free as a thank-you for their service to our country.
  • Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics: The WAHS medical team offers three clinics a month where community pet owners can get their pets vaccinated and basic wellness services for discounted rates. 895 pets received vet care at our 2023 clinics.
  • Spay/Neuter Days: Each month the WAHS offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to community pets to help with pet overpopulation. Grant funding allows the lowest price around at $50 per cat. 1,214 community pets were spayed/neutered in 2023.
  • Pet Retention Services: The WAHS offers emergency boarding and medical care in situations where a pet owner needs emergency help outside of the scope they can afford.
  • Pet Food Bank: The WAHS offers quarterly food distributions. On average the WAHS distributes 15,000 pounds of food annually.
  • Volunteer Program: The WAHS offers many volunteer opportunities including dog walking, cat enrichment, dog cleaners, cat cleaners, surgery helpers, event ambassadors, and community service hours for students. Over 235 active volunteers support our mission with over 34,000 hours in 2023.
  • Reading Tails: Children can come to the WAHS cat department and read to cats which helps with the cat's socialization. Over 231 children participated in 2023.
  • Cat Yoga: Our newest program allows adults and children to come onsite and participate in yoga as cats walk around and interact.
  • Birthday Parties, Scouts, and Group Experiences: The WAHS offers many opportunities for schools, churches, businesses, scouts, and children in the community to get involved in supporting our mission through group activities.
  • Partnership: The WAHS works with Trinity High School and the Vet Tech Institute to bridge their vet technician students with real-life hands-on job experience. In 2024 WAHS is partnering with the Trinity School District food bank to bring pet food to their participants.
  • Events: The WAHS hosts three main events each year with proceeds supporting our lifesaving mission. The WAHS also participates in community events throughout the year with the support of our volunteers.
  • Membership: Community members can join the 1906 Society to become a member of the WAHS and receive exclusive benefits throughout the year. The 1906 Society had 78 active members in 2023.

Primary Revenue Sources

Private Contributions | Bequests | Grants | Events

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2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-0995781
Revenue 1351237
Expenses 1633582
Net Assets 5635569


Name: Kelly Proudfit
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 724-470-9713
Address: 1527 Route 136, P.O. Box 66
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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