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Washington City Mission*


The City Mission exists to share Christ, to shelter, to heal, and to restore the homeless to independent living without discrimination. Our life transforming rehabilitative programming effects lasting change and empowers the homeless to be productive members of society.

Programs and Services

  • The Washington City Mission is a 175-bed long-term, Christ-centered rehabilitation program for the homeless. We serve four distinct populations of homeless: men, women, women with children and veterans.
  • Our mission is to share Christ, to shelter, to heal, and to move the homeless to independent living, without discrimination. Our wraparound services are numerous, and are a key reason that we have robust success statistics. In the last fiscal year, we provided over 105,000 meals, over 38,000 nights of shelter, and over 15,000 medical interventions. We also helped 116 individuals find jobs.
  • As the residents go through our programs, we measure them in five important areas: Housing, Employment, Income, Recovery (drug and alcohol, medical, and mental health) and spirituality. Our average overall score in these areas after 90 days of rehabilitative programming is 68%. This is particularly noteworthy, because the average "three hots and a cot" shelter in the US has overall success statistics only between 9% and 27%.
  • Our intensive program, which can last from 3 months to 2 years, includes drug and alcohol rehabilitation, relapse prevention, avoiding drug and alcohol triggers, parenting, budgeting, legal assistance, medical assessments and care, connection to a primary care provider and ongoing monitoring of medication, work readiness classes and internships. Our residents often receive outpatient therapy for mental health trauma of various types.
  • To us, the most wonderful moment is when a resident, who came to the Mission homeless, friendless, and discouraged, leaves with powerful new tools for maintaining independent living---a job, an outlook of renewed faith and optimism, new friends and avenues of social support, and a key to their own place.

Primary Revenue Sources

Individual, Business and Church Contributions

Primary Fundraising Event

Sweet Sunday Dessert Festival

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1051749
Revenue 9648991
Expenses 8488034
Net Assets 13218519


Name: Sally Mounts
Title: Chief Development Officer
Phone: (724) 222-8530
Address: 84 W. Wheeling St.
Washington, PA 15301

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