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Programs and Services

  • The Washington County Historical Society (“WCHS”) is a center for preservation, research, and education that inspires the discovery and sharing of Washington County's remarkable history. Central to this mission is WCHS's administration of the historic LeMoyne House, an enduring beacon of social reform and inclusivity, for the benefit of the public.
  • WCHS collects, preserves, and curates materials that chronicle the history of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, including topics such as the area’s early settlement, the Whiskey Rebellion, the National Road, the Abolitionist Movement, and the Underground Railroad. WCHS also seeks to preserve Washington County's rich African American heritage with the Waller-McDonald Collection of African American History.
  • The signature cultural asset of WCHS is the LeMoyne House, a National Historic Landmark relative to Dr. Francis Julius LeMoyne's public involvement in the Abolitionist Movement and his private participation in the Underground Railroad network. Today, the LeMoyne House is preserved by WCHS as a museum open to the public. Other sites under WCHS's administration are the LeMoyne Crematory, the Frontier History Center at Washington Park, and the new Research & Education Center (to open in 2023).
  • WCHS engages with an audience of thousands each year through public tours, displays, events, research assistance, and other educational/outreach programming. Covering broad demographics from school-age children to seniors, this audience is continually expanding with WCHS's virtual programming initiatives.

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Hall of Fame Awards Banquet

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1371578
Net Assets$339,358


Name:Clay Kilgore
Title:Executive Director
Address:49 E. Maiden St.
Washington, PA 15301

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