Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation

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Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation is a private, non-profit educational organization that encourages the preservation of buildings, landmarks and structures deemed representative of the culture, architecture and history of Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Programs and Services

  • WCH&LF holds educational programs throughout the year, with speakers and restoration demonstrations. Tours of significant sites, reflect their importance around a yearlong theme, that have included historic farms, log structures, one-room schoolhouses, early churches, river towns, the history of energy, and those connected to important events such as the Underground Railroad. During the annual county fair, displays further support these themes, at our headquarters, the 1806 John White House.
  • Beginning with our original 1975 publication, "Preserving Our Past: Landmark Architecture of Washington County, Pennsylvania," followed by its reprint, we continue to communicate through the printed word. Our publications include membership newsletters listing events and naming recently Landmark-plaqued properties; five full-color brochures on various county properties, most recently historic churches. National Register listings include: Marianna, East Washington, West Middletown, Cement City.
  • History & Landmarks maintains files on all plaqued properties as well as those recorded in a multiyear county-wide survey conducted by our team of trained volunteers. This information and research materials are housed in the Charlotte Lane Memorial Library at our headquarters, open to the public upon request.Since its founding in 1971, the Foundation has aided the public and other organizations in their quest for early county history, focusing on the built environment and its evolution.
  • Inquiries to our organization are always answered, often by referral to other groups. In 2012-13, we published a directory, "The Heritage Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania," listing names and contact information on more than 50 county and regional non-profits that promote history in our area. This was prior to the easy access available today on the internet. The importance remains, however, for the cooperation and promotion amongst these institutions. We are pleased to be able to assist.
  • Because we continue to operate with an all-volunteer force, we are somewhat time-restricted, but what we have accomplished is lasting. We believe in educating our residents as well as travelers in all the "hidden treasures" that Washington County and its environs have. We take the time to look behind, through all the nooks and crannies, and often hear "I didn't know that was there!" Little-known facts are sometimes the most exciting; and our audience, often repeaters, are grateful for that.

Primary Revenue Sources

WCCF, membership, National Road Festival sales

Primary Fundraising Event

Misc. fundraising activities, WCCF Gives

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1385645
Net Assets$20,959


Name:Lars Lange/Crystal Brown
Phone:(724) 288-7479
Address:2151 N. Main St., PO Box 274
Washington, PA 15301

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