Vision Services of Washington-Greene

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To aid and assist the visually impaired; to assist with education, training, and employment; to promote the interests of the visually impaired, and to create awareness around prevention of unnecessary blindness.

Programs and Services

  • Vision Services of Washington-Greene (VSOWG) exists to aid and assist the visually impaired, to assist with education, training and employment, to promote the interests of the visually impaired and to create awareness around prevention of unnecessary blindness. VSOWG is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and operates throughout Washington and Greene Counties in Western Pennsylvania.
  • Incorporated in 1948, we offer referrals designed to assist the blind and visually impaired residents of Washington and Greene Counties. VSOWG is the only organization in Washington and Greene Counties that provides direct specialty services to blind and low vision persons at no cost. Approximately 3,300 people living in Washington County experience some sort of visual disability.
  • VSOWG is the only dedicated provider of services to persons with blindness and visual impairments in Washington and Greene Counties. Persons with visual impairments often have difficulty locating or getting to and from vision screenings and specialized eye care. Many experience problems coordinating services related to their visual impairments, or need door-to-door transportation to medical facilities, banks, stored and other community resources.
  • The visually impaired receive individual instruction to help them acquire and maintain skills necessary for independence, help shopping, help with personal business such as reading mail, budgeting, handling medical/insurance correspondence or filing for benefits and other essential errands and activities of daily living. They can also receive case management to coordinate provision of myriad services related to their visual disorders.

Primary Revenue Sources

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind Contract

Primary Fundraising Event

Dining in the Dark

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0965456
Net Assets$3,208,339


Name:Donna Shanaberger
Title:Development Specialist
Phone:(724) 228-0770
Address:566 E. Maiden St.
Washington, PA 15301

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