Washington & Jefferson College

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Promote education, the development of skills, knowledge, and personal qualities.

Programs and Services

  • Washington & Jefferson College is a four-year, residential college committed to fostering the personal and professional success of our students through interconnectedness, hands-on learning experiences, and individualized academic programs. With a long legacy of ethical leadership, W&J College gives students of talent and passion a place to thrive.
  • Donations made on WCCF Gives will support W&J students, faculty, and programs by providing financial aid, funding for study abroad opportunities, supporting student life and athletics, and supporting research.

Primary Revenue Sources

Tuition, gifts, grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Print and electronic communications (not a physical event). Our annual Day of Giving is held on President's Day.

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0965601
Net Assets$247,293,225


Name:Kerri DiGiovanni Lacock
Title:Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving
Phone:(724) 223-6099
Address:60 S. Lincoln St
Washington, PA 15301

This website contains an organizational snapshot, as well as links and contact information, for each of our participating charities. We have also included the tax identification number for each charity so Donors wishing to review more detailed financial and governance information may access the Form 990 for that charity via irs.gov.