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Young Life*


Young Life is a ministry to expose adolescents around the world to the person of Jesus Christ.

Programs and Services

  • Young Life is an international ministry established in 1941. While Young Life has had a home in Canon-McMillan School District (CMSD), the largest school district in Washington County, since 2010, it went through staffing challenges and transitions from 2018-2020. Since 2020 and the placement of the current Area Director, the only staff member for our area, Young Life in CMSD has grown exponentially, year over year. With this growth, one major goal is to add an additional staff member to work alongside the Area Director and the volunteer leaders, some of which are coaches within CMSD or local college students. This addition would magnify the potential contact work and influence within the CMSD community.
  • Young Life invites kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process. We offer several programs for middle school and high school students in CMSD. These programs provide a safe place for students to meet with healthy peer groups where all students are included and welcomed.
  • High schools students have to opportunity to attend weekly meetings where we study the bible and talk about life as a high school student.
  • We host monthly outreach events for high students to provide meaningful connection and foster friendships through shared experiences with peers and caring adults.
  • We meet weekly with upperclassmen students to provide mentorship and leadership development.
  • Every summer, high school students have the opportunity to attend a week long camp and, every fall, students have the opportunity to attend a weekend trip, where they can bond with their peers and have new adventures while letting go of their everyday burdens and stressors.
  • Every Spring, high school students have the opportunity to attend a weekend trip, where they attend seminars that focus on individual growth in Christ as well as discipleship of and outreach to others. At same time, they meet students from other Young Life Programs in Pennsylvania and create lasting memories that are formed through laughter and positive interactions.
  • Middle school students have opportunities to meet monthly with our newly formed and expanding middle school program, called Wyldlife, where students play games, have fun and are introduced to the person of Jesus Christ. These students are also invited to an overnight trip in the Spring, where they might get away from home for the first time and learn about purpose, life, and meaning.

Primary Revenue Sources

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2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 84-0385934
Revenue 491783511
Expenses 442049174
Net Assets 377050223


Name: Mackenzie Root
Title: Area Director
Phone: 484-889-2731
Address: 313 Hunting Creek Road
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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